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Intercom-Audit is one of the leading companies on the audit, advisory, and appraisal/valuation market. Over years of its successful activity, the Company has built up a solid reputation, and now it has a team of highly-qualified personnel on its staff capable to effectively complete professional tasks.

Intercom-Audit has being operating on the market since 1994; the Company is characterized by vast corporate resources, considerable competitive edge, positive image, high index of business activity.

As from 1996, Intercom-Audit is an independent member of BKR International – Association of Independent Accounting and Consulting Firms Across the Globe.  Thus, Intercom-Audit obtained a worldwide recognition and acknowledgement of high quality of its services provided in line with international standards.

Intercom-Audit comprises a wide regional network operating not only in Russia, but also in CIS and, moreover, the Company’s growing potential allows further expand its activity overseas.

Intercom-Audit’s clients vary in scale, business organization and activities.

According to requirements of Federal Law «On Auditing Activities» No. 307-ФЗ, companies and auditors of Intercom-Audit Group are members of the following self-regulated organizations of auditors:

  • Audit Assosiation "Sodruzhestvo"
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