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Intercom-Audit will provide advisory services for companies and organizations almost on all questions which may arise in business relations.

Under telephone advisory agreements, high-level advisory services are provided to a Client’s officers. Telephone advisory services are not limited in number. Thanks to extensive experience of our advisors and due to recurrence of questions asked, the advisory services are mainly provided in real time mode.

Analytical estimates for operations in progress and forecasts for projected operations are also provided under such agreements to avoid possible risks and for optimization of taxation and accounting.

The following advisory services are provided:

  • Telephone advisory services on taxation and accounting;
  • Advisory services on tax accounting organization and tax accounting support;
  • Analysis of tax accounting approaches with written or oral recommendations, issuing orders on accounting policy for bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • Elaboration of industry-specific methodological materials on accounting and taxation;
  • Support services during tax audits;
  • Working out of proprietary standards and organization of internal control system;
  • Creation of optimal customized personnel record keeping system;
  • «Due diligence» - procedure of creation of unprejudiced opinion of an investment object, complete examination of due conscientiousness.
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