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Intercom-Audit provides complete range of appraisal/valuation services, including:

  • Valuation of enterprise (business) value.

Valuation of market value of a business/enterprise, shares, contributions, securities.

  • Appraisal of real estate of different types

Commercial real estate (offices, trade and storage areas); industrial real estate (factory buildings and facilities), residential (apartments, cottages), calculation of purchase, market, and mortgage value of land plots. 

  • Machinery, equipment, transport facilities appraisal.

The appraisal is carried out for deals with equipment of any type, including unique or obsolete equipment.

  • Evaluation of intangible assets and intellectual property.

Evaluation of industrial property (patents for inventions, designs, trade marks, brands, franchising).

Intercom-Audit’s services will allow you:

  • Optimize finance flows at an enterprise
  • Save own funds and receive extra funds by attracting investments and credit on property
  • Insure property
  • Privatize property, commit it to trust or let on lease
  • Enter into purchase and sale, leasing agreements
  • Optimize taxable base, avoid additional taxes
  • Make in-kind contributions in registered capital
  • Make loss assessment, severance, settle other property disputes
  • Carry out sale of shares, privatization, reorganization of a Company
  • Issue, convert shares
  • Issue financial statements in accordance with IFRS


Intercom-Audit is accredited with the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management, the Moscow Region Department of Property Relations, the Federal Agency on Industry, Deposit Insurance Agency State Corporation and other organizations.

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