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Intercom–Audit provides a wide range of audit-related services:

General audit

  • Verification of reliability of financial statements (accounts) prepared in accordance with the Russian and international financial reporting standards; issuing audit report in line with the Russian and international audit standards requirements.
  • Audit of state and municipal unitary enterprises and companies with the shares owned by the Russian Federation, constituents of the Russian Federation, and municipal formations.
  • Issue prospectus verification.

Audit of exchanges, nonbudgetary funds and investment institutions

  • Audit of share investment funds.
  • Audit of management companies.
  • Verification of generation and investment of pension accruals committed by the RF Pension Fund to trust.
  • Verification of reliability of financial statements and target expenditures.
  • Assessment of whether accounting principles and rules applied in preparation of financial statements (accounts) are observed.

Audit of insurance, reinsurance companies and non-governmental pension funds

  • Verification of records of insurance and reciprocal insurance companies, reinsurance companies, and non-governmental pension funds.

Special audit

  • Verification of annual and interim reports of organizations entering equity market.
  • Tax audit.
  • Participation in stocktaking.
  • Voluntary audit according to technical engagements, aimed at verification of whether individual deals and transactions are legal, verification of rights of ownership, completeness of property records, verification of liabilities.
  • Financial and business analysis.
  • «Due diligence» - a complete examination of financial and economic activity and market position of a company.
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