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Banking sector is one of the main trends of the company’s activity.

Intercom-Audit provides a complete range of audit and advisory services to credit organizations, including:

  • Audit of financial statements issued in accordance with the Russian legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Tax audit;
  • Advisory services and methodological support on bookkeeping and tax accounting, reporting in accordance with the Russian legal and regulatory requirements; 
  • Audit of financial statements issued in accordance with IFRS;
  • Advisory services on reporting in accordance with IFRS;
  • Data security audit;
  • Appraisal/valuation services.

Membership in professional associations

Intercom-Audit is a member and official advisor of RUSSIA – Association of Regional Banks. Yury Fadeev, General Director of Intercom-Audit, is heading the Banking Committee in this Association (IFRS, Basel II).         

Elena Korotkikh, Intercom-Audit’s manager of the banking audit department, is a member of the Working Panel of the Bank of Russia on Basel II. 

Competitive edge

Quality of reports issued by credit organizations in accordance with IFRS and attested by Intercom-Audit JSC was highly estimated by the Moscow office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). A conclusion was made that reporting level complies with the international standards, which allows to consider credit organizations – our Company’s auditees – as future EBRD’s loaners.

The team of Intercom-Audit’s Banking Audit Department includes IFRS auditors and advisors holding АССА DipIFR or IFA international certificates.

Our clients

Presently, the list of our clients includes Deposit Insurance Agency State Corporation and, furthermore, over 30 credit organizations, such as Alfa-Bank, IMPEXBANK, Surgutneftegasbank, SDM-BANK, Khanty-Mansi Bank, AKIBANK, RosDorBank, Ural FD, UGLEMETBANK, Project Financing Bank, International Bank for Development, FORA-BANK, Anelik RU LLC, and other Moscow and regional banks.

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