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Any business environment, and especially the Russian business environment, generates problems which require professional legal support.

Intercom-Audit’s legal advisors specialize in different fields of law. Their expertise in practical advisory services allows to efficiently resolve many problems arising in the course of financial and economic activity of Russian businesses.

Intercom-Audit’s legal specialists will provide legal support for their clients at any stage of their activity.

Legal support will include:

  • advisory services on civil, corporate, tax, customs, currency, antimonopoly, labor, privatization laws and regulations;
  • legal expert examination and issuing of legal documents;
  • elaboration of local company-specific regulatory documents;
  • support during tax audit;
  • work related to claims and litigation, selection of ways for recovery of debts, pretrial settlement of disputes, and representation of a client’s interests in courts;
  • introduction of schemes for establishing relations between an enterprise and other businesses, in line with recent legal and regulatory requirements;
  • personnel record keeping: estimation of personnel document execution and record keeping in accordance with regulatory requirements, preparation of collective labor agreements and individual employment agreements, etc.
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